Having worked in the Architectural industry for over twenty years, Jeff Bramlett started his own firm in 2006.  Setting down roots in the Historic Collierville Square, Jeff Bramlett Custom Residential Design quickly established itself as a uniquely relational firm, in which each client feels heard and involved in the design process.  Working closely with their clients, Jeff’s team consistently blends beautiful, historic detail with modern functionality.  Having well thought out floor plans that reflect current trends and contemporary lifestyles and designs that are grounded in historical beauty that can be found in the details and look of the exterior of the home are both top priorities to Jeff.  Jeff and his team are serious about the process of giving the client something spectacular and different but with historical authenticity and timeless beauty.  Jeff can often be heard saying, “ It’s all about the details.  I want people to see this home 100 years from now and for it to be just as beautiful and desirable as it is today. Good architecture should be timeless”.  Twelve years in, Jeff  Bramlett/ Custom Residential Design continues to design beautifully functional living spaces for how people live today and exquisite exteriors that will stand the test of time.